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Sacred Geometry &Personal (2)

Unravel the mystical world of sacred geometry symbols along with meditations and exercises that help unlock deep hidden potentials inside you.

Symbols have been used by wise ancients to help unlock dormant yet critical potentials to bring about a fully realized individual.

This 6 hour journey takes you through a journey to immerse yourself into symbols there by starting your personal transformation journey.

Symbols have been around even before the origin of written or spoken language. We dream as symbols, every large corporate entity, movement almost always is represented by a unique symbol. Symbols hold more & complex emotive content than volumes of words. They affect our consciousness in deep ways.

Using a symbol for manifesting depends on the consciousness of the observer. Understanding and interacting with a symbol, knowing how and where to install it, immersing yourself into it, are some of the ways to unlock its potency.

In this session you will understand the idea of symbols, how they emit energy, how to observe, interact & meditate on symbols & how you could harness the power of a symbol for personal transformations

Discussions & Meditations

1- Walk Through – A gallery tour of some of the most potent symbols known to mankind.

2- Discourse – introduction to basis of symbols, form energy & how they unlock hidden potentials.
3- Personal immersion – with various symbols to understand your personal connection with them.
4- Personal Chakra Scan -to analyse the best fit symbol that can help in your life’s journey at this time.
5-Symbol Activation -meditation & techniques to activate the symbol of choice there by initiating your personal transformation journey.
6- Symbol immersion – Learn the construction of the symbol of choice, thereby integrating the symbol into your consciousness

In Geometry, 2 quantities are said to be in the Golden Ration, if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the 2 quantities. It is also referred as ‘The Golden Section’, ‘Golden Mean’, ‘Divine Proportion’ etc.

It is used by architects, artists in the belief that this Golden ration is aesthetically pleasing. Mathematicians have studied the properties of the ‘Golden Ratio’, it is used to analyze the proportions of natural objects as much as man made systems and structures.

Find your way to the Workshop


Venue: Sacred Geometry India – Sacred Geometry Gallery. (Google Maps Above)

#1338, A Block, !5th main, 20th Cross, Sahakara Nagar, Bangalore – 560 092

Instruction: simple english


RSVP – mehboob sohel +91 94829 19077

cost: 3,500/- (includes a take home symbol painting of size 12X12 inches, signed by the artist)

Ask for cost without the takeaway.

light refreshments will be provided.

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