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open your minds eye, pineal gland activation workshop by mehboob sohel

Deep & clear visualizations are a necessary basis for manifesting your true desires.

The Pineal Gland, Ajna Chakra or the Third Eye holds the key to deep and divine visions that can actualize your true potentials.

In this 6 hour workshop you will learn tips & tools to enable enhanced visualizations by methods and meditations that will help open your third eye!

Introduction to the workshop

Topics & Discussions

  • Pineal Gland – seen through different perspectives. (ancient civilizations, modern day biology, New Age Spiritual)
  • Examination of mythical connotations and ancient sciences.
  • Anjna Chakra Scan through Energy Sensing & Enquiry
  • Methods to re energize, de calcify the gland.

Meditations & Exercises 

  • Blind folded reality construction & Sightless visualization to awaken the third eye 
  • Flower of Life Activation meditation to stimulate the Pineal gland.
  • Out of body visualization to activate the Ajna chakra.

Problems of Inactive Pineal Gland:

1- Discontent: Inactive gland may keep you in a spiritual slumber resulting in a dissatisfied state that manifests as unwanted habits, feeling of alienation & emptiness.

2- Stuck: Find yourself in dead end jobs with  lack of  purpose, joy & enthusiasm. Unable to find easy solutions to problems.

3- Un clear vision:  A general lack of purpose, due to not having a clear, coherent idea of a desired future.

Benefits of Active Pineal Gland:

1- See the Truth: Activating the pineal gland/third eye metaphysically opens your eyes from a deep spiritual slumber. It allows us to perceive the ‘truth’ that surrounds us.

2- Supercharged Creativity:  your imagination and creativity are super charged and are able to find solutions to problems easily.

3- Clarity: As your pineal gland regulates your sleep cycles, you will find that you sleep much better and your dreams are more vivid. You will feel you control your dreams and are able to realise your true infinite self and the endless possibilities that exist in the dream state.

pineal gland workshops by mehboob sohel

About the Pineal Gland:

The pineal gland, a pea sized gland located at the base of the cortex, right between the eyes is responsible for the visions we see in our minds eye.

Shaped like the pine cone, it is composed of pines, cones and liquid matter just like the composition of the human eye.

This small pea sized gland releases DMT (De Methyle Triptomine), the chemical that helps us see visions.

Calcification of this gland is so prevalent in our societies. Once calcified our ability to see clear visions diminishes significantly.

Consumption of flouride in our water & toothpaste, stress, lack of sleep and free radicals in pollutants are responsible for it.

The gland has been depicted in various ancient civilizations, notably in the Vedic texts as the third eye, in Egyptian civilizations as ‘the eye of horus’, or the eye of Ra. It is found on the staff of the pope & depicted in the illuminati logos.

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Venue: In Canada, the workshop will be done at your location, based on mutually agreed date and time.

Duration: 6 to 8 hours

Instruction: Simple English – mehboob sohel (

Contact me to discuss details: 6475734369


1 person – $ 100

2 persons – $ 150

3 persons+ – $ 200


Venue to be comfortable, quite and undisturbed with enough floor space for the number of people in mind.

Loose clothing, mild incense and light refreshments are preferable.

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