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The overnight switch from a pen holding Chief Executive to a brush wielding artist during December of 2012, coincided with 21-12-2012, the date extensively linked with the 2012 phenomenon theories.

In his words, “The transitions that occurred during December 2012, on reflection today seem to have coincided to create  contexts and situations that led me to where I’m today”

In barely a month of holding a brush, sohel mehboob had his first exhibit in Arambol, Goa. In the Second received an Award.

mehboob sohel, sacred geometry art, workshops, performances

“After having stumbled through life half conscious, one day an accidental brush with a fascinating symbol, turned my life upside down,!

Before i realized it, i was thrown from the deep abyss of babylon to a new reality, A place of abundance and bounty, of love and beauty, of health and harmony.

My fascination of this incredible phenomena showed me the way to my future. A future spent pondering on the elements that enabled this Transformation.”

sohel mehboob

“Since the December of 2012, it has been a happy journey of meeting many with similar transformation stories”

“My work is based on study, experiment & observation of fields like Sacred Geometry, Anthropology & Symbology”

“My life is an experiment to explore the ideas of Consciousness through Sacred Geometry & Being in the Now!”

The 2012 Flip!

Conscious Evolution

Before Dec 2012 : As CEO

sohel mehboob 8

2012 – Dean & Chief Executive – Team.i, Bangalore

2010 – Chief Executive of SEMAT IMC, Tripoli, Libya.

2006 – Master of Business Administration from MGSM, Sydney.

1997 – Director – CLASSE Events & Support Network Pvt Ltd.,

1995- Branch Head – Aeroline Fitness Equipment, Bangalore, India.

After Dec 2012 : As Artist

mehboob sohel, sacred geometry & consciousness art

Retired from working for money.

Visual Artist, Sacred Geometry Art & Live Painting Performances

Transformational Coach at Tools for Transformation (Consciousness, Sacred Geometry, being in the Now)

Performer/Choreographer at The UNITY GATHERING; a unique performance to activate  consciousness!

Photographer at Avatar & Chakra Healer

On Winter Solistice, December 21 of 2012, Under the chimney of a cozy Dutch apartment, surrounded by Christmas snow, I discovered a bag of goodies that changed my life.

The bag contained secrets that unlocked the doors to my future. Like a treasure hunt, one clue led me to another till i saw with amazement how every accident and seemingly unfortunate incident, led me closer to realizing my dreams.

I found every wish even the ones bordering on a whim magically and effortlessly manifested into reality.

In simple terms i found ideas and tools in that bag of goodies, that positively affected and transformed me.

I present to you these goodies as art and writings.

Appreciate your visit, do like, share or comment at the bottom of any  page you like.

sohel mehboob

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