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Hi there! im currently located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada & my home is my studio and art gallery.

If you are around, you are welcome to spend time, have tea, meditate, discuss & browse art works.

Feel free to call & drop by.

mehboob sohel

mehboob sohel studio

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Trident Avenue,

Mississauga, Ontario – L5B2L3

Hand Phone: 647 573 4369

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# 1338, A Block, 15th main, 20th Cross, Sahakara Nagar, Bangalore – 560 092

Handphone: +91 94829 19077


Skype: mehboob.sohel

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mehboob sohel studio, bangalore

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mehbob sohel with flower of life


On Winter Solistice, December 21 of 2012, Under the chimney of a cozy Dutch apartment, surrounded by Christmas snow, I discovered a bag of goodies that changed my life.

The bag contained secrets that unlocked the doors to my future. Like a treasure hunt, one clue led me to another till i saw with amazement how every accident and seemingly unfortunate incident, led me closer to realizing my dreams.

I found every wish even the ones bordering on a whim magically and effortlessly manifested into reality.

In simple terms i found ideas and tools in that bag of goodies, that positively affected and transformed me.

I present to you these goodies as art and writings.

Appreciate your visit, do like, share or comment at the bottom of any  page you like.

sohel mehboob

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