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Avatar photography, recognises your Aura, energetic essence or spiritual vibration as the truest expression of the self.

“My idea is not to shoot models or make you look like a person wearing a mask but to strip the pretence and present the deepest essence  that makes you, YOU”


The bindu.. shree yantra by mehboob sohel

We are body, mind and soul.

Avatar photography, recognises your Aura, energetic essence or spiritual expression as the truest expression of the self.

Keeping in mind your spiritual essence the best possible setting, styling and accessories are used to project your true self.

By discovering your energetic essence through enquiry, chakra sensing & other tools, I hope to find the best fit projection of your self.


The process involved is simple.

Step 1:

Face to Face or Skype meeting to study subject and spiritual essence through Tarot reading, chakra scanning & enquiry – approx 2 hours.

This includes discussion on clothing, accessories and make-up based on understanding your spiritual essence.

Step 2:

Once location, backdrop & clothing are decided, a date and time will be set on mutual availability.

A normal shoot with 5 to 6 shortlisted Avatar Portraits in high resolution will take an average of half a day.

Step 3:

The raw footage is short listed and edited before being presented in soft copy format for specific social media uses as well as large format files for your use.

The entire process can take a minimum of 3 working days.

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