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consciousness quotient, transformation workshop, sacred geometry, being in the now


consciousness quotient, sacred geometry, being in the now fb


Let’s begin to understand the idea of Consciousness Quotient by taking a quick journey into the ‘quotient’ phenomenon.


IQ, intelligence quotient, consciousness quotient blog by sohel mehboobIn the 70’s  & 80’s a high IQ (Intelligence Quotient) was hugely desired.

Schools & Businesses wanted to know the IQ scores of prospective Students & Employees with the idea of taking in the best.

Mainstream beliefs, Structures of Organisations and available knowledge supported this belief.

Industrial revolution, consciousness quotient by mehboob sohel

This was the time when the ‘Industrial Economy’ had peaked. The signs were around us.

In Corporations, principles of Scientific Management were adopted ie Management by pure numbers and data analysis.

scientific management, consciousness quotient blog by mehboob sohel

Organisations that managed processes based on scientific fact, employed good strategy & hired managers with good Intelligence Quotient were considered to have competitive advantage.

Universities & Schools used IQ screening tests to pick the best students so they could produce great minds and stay competitive.intelligence quotient, consciousness quotient by mehboob sohel

Parents would worry if their child had a low IQ score!

So in an economy that thrived on technology and science, the key personal success parameter was the INTELLIGENCE QUOTIENT.


end of service economy, consciousness quotient by mehboob sohel

Like all grand ideas which fade with the onset of time, the Industrial Economy gave way to the Service Economy and the Knowledge economy through the first decade of 2000.

The premise of this shift was quiet simple. in the Industrial economy, Manufacturing provided for more that 60% of the worlds GDP, Gross Domestic Produce.

As we shifted to the services economy, more that 75% of the worlds GDP came from the services sector or the knowledge economy.Knowledge economy, consciousness quotient by mehboob sohel (2)

As the drivers of economy changed, a whole host of adjustments occurred in our understanding of organisational and personal success.

Scientific management which relied on  Good strategy & Process to remain competitive had to adapt itself to changing times.

In this economy, the classical 4 P’s of product marketing had to expand to 7 P’s of services marketing.

7 p's of marketing, consciousness quotient, blog by mehboob sohel

We began to realize that, apart from having good strategy and solid processes, the key ingredient to true competitive advantage was and insightful management of Human Resources.

Phew! for the first time Managers moved from viewing Factory workers as numbers on a chart, to recognizing that treating them with respect was indeed Profitable!

EQ replacing IQ, consciousness quotient blog by mehboob sohel

In the Services Economy, true success came from processing of Knoweldge and more importantly management of people.

So top executives with good IQ & great strategy were replaced by those who had better EQ (Emotional Quotient).

The economy, systems, processes and base level understanding were in congruence with this idea.


consciousness quotient, transformation workshop, sacred geometry, being in the now

Since 2005, we have seamlessly slid into the “Experience Economy” or the “Transformation Economy”.

 Organisations that focus on providing rich cohesive experiences & transformations to customers drive the economy today.customer experience, counsciousness quotient by mehboob sohel

To truly have competitive advantage it is important to get strategy, process and people to work together in seamless harmony and deliver a cohesive and desired customer transformation.

conscious management, consciouness quotient by mehboob sohel

Business of tomorrow focus on personal transformations as their key value offering.

Have you noticed the sudden spurt in wellness centers, Gymnasiums that offer to change how you look or feel?transformation, consciousness quotient by mehboob sohelOr the revival of methods like Ayurveda, Yoga & Mediation that transform our health & way of Living?

Or The spurt in demand for cosmetic surgery which promises customers an improved version of themselves?spiritual quotient, consciousness quotient by mehboob sohel

As Market, Academia and Skill sets adjust to the demands of a new consumer in a new economy, we realize the need of a new skill that will be essential to succeed in this new paradigm.

2012 phenomenon, consciousness quotient by mehboob sohel

Since December of 2012 the number of people who speak, inquire and research the idea of Consciousness and Transformation have exploded.

Philosophers, Physicists, Authors, Visionaries and New Age Spiritualists believe we are going through the next big leap in evolution called the ‘Conscious Evolution’.

conscious individual, consciousness quotient, by mehboob sohel

In this phase of rapid progress, the ability of individuals and organisations to be aware of themselves and their relation with humanity & the universe is said to be the key to success.

conscious companies, consciouness quotient by mehboob sohel

Leaders like Deepak Chopra, Barbra Max Hubbard, Ekhardt Tolle, speak of the future organisations as an entity that focuses its vision and core beliefs on bettering the human condition.

conscious management, consciouness quotient by mehboob sohel

As the global Consciousness Quotient or awareness expands, more populations will desire to support, consume and subscribe to ideas, movements, products and services that quite simply are Conscious.

As the Consciousness quotient of the world increases, it will attract into it people who recognize the idea of consciousness.

pineal gland activation, consciousness, sacred geometry being in the now

Now that you are entering the Conscious Economy, do you have what it takes to succeed?

The Question now is What is Consciousness Quotient? Do Subscribe for next updates.

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