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Music, Dance & Art are siblings of the same mother. These i find as the purest expressions of the heart.

Having had a decade’s experience as a stage show director, i can say with certainty that the greatest pleasure is in seeing the vibrational essence of a staged act come alive on canvas.

Being involved with music through playing the Bansuri & the Mouth Harp i derive the greatest satisfaction in painting Live for music or a dance performance.

I humbly appreciate any opportunity to do so.

Mehboob Sohel

live painting

mehboob sohel, painting in motion

art for music


Kitsch Mandi is a popular night flea market organised on select saturday nights in Bangalore. I was invited to to paint live to a D.J playing psy trance music. The following paintings were done live inspired by the positive vibes from the music and the audience.


On June 21, International Yoga Day, i was invited to paint live during a sufi whirling performance for the finale. The Painting was inspired by the idea of a new dawn for Yoga & the energetic vibrations a sufi whirling. The painting was done from scratch to finish inside of 10 minutes!

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Having never learnt or practised painting ever, Art came to me as a sudden unlocking of hidden potential.

This overnight revelation came as a burst of inspiration caused by a dramatic incident on 21- 12-2012, the eve of the 2012 phenomenon theory.

From that day, Art has become one of my purest forms of self expression. My intention is not just to amuse, but to transform the observer, through a journey of self realisation.

Being a musician myself, it gives me no better pleasure than to capture live the essence of a performance on canvas.

I appreciate your patronage and endeavour to bring alive the act & the audience through engaging them by way of dialogue and the painting itself.

Mehboob Sohel

mehboob sohel, sacred geometry art, conscious art, live art

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