unity grail, mayan prophecy of 2012 phenomenon by mehboob sohel

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Mayan Prophecy of 2012 Phenomenon

 21 – 12 -2012, end of the world, and the beginning of a new order. 

According to our Mayan ancestors it marked the end of the world as we know it.

 After 5 cycles of 5,125 years, we have on 21-12-2012, shifted to a new age, the age of job-ajaw, age of ether, of male and female energies coming as one.

For the first time in earth cycles, we have reached an unprecedented phase where the dominant energy is in BALANCE. Before this time each earth cycle was bi polar.

In this phase, according to the Mayans, inhabitants of earth, find a true balance of energies. This unprecedented time is just right for a possible  transformation as a collective humanity.

This potential shift of Human consciousness is in new age terms coined as the conscious evolution.

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UNITY GRAIL, 2012  phenomenon, mayan prophecy by mehboob sohel


Using the Sacred Geometry Symbol, The Flower of Life as a base pattern, the artist expresses essence of Mayan Prophecy of the 2012 phenomenon. The Holy Grail symbolizes the eternal quest of humans to find the elusive idea of Human Unity. The outline of male (blue) and female (pink) faces represent the two universal energies which according to the Mayan ancestors have dominated each of the 5125 year phase.


The Holy grail at the center represents the hope of mankind for the golden age of unity and abundance. When balanced at the center of the symbol, ‘The Flower of Life’, reveals the outlines of male and female faces. Male and Female are denoted by use of blue and pink colors respectively.

Situated inside a globe hinged on the female side, draws attention to the Mayan prophecy of the age of Ether, job-a-jaw of Male and Female energies coming together for the first time on 21-12-2012, the date linked with the 2012 phenomenon.

unity grail, mayan prophecy of 2012 phenomenon, conscious evolution, human unity story

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Unity Grail is part of  ‘The Human Unity Story’ which is a self funded project to bring attention to Human Unity, through research and writings on the conscious evolution & 2012 phenomenon.

My interest is to ensure these messages are spread as far and as wide, hence costs for the art is kept at a minimum.

Every purchase goes towards funding the effort to uncover, document and spread messages of Human Unity linked to the conscious evolution ideas.

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