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Open Edition Giclee’s pre framed and signed by the artist:

  • 12X12 inches – 50 USD (available only at the artists studio)
  • 24X24 inches – 200 USD
  • 36X36 inches – 300 USD
  • 24X48 inches- 350 USD

Only in love are unity and duality, not in conflict

Night turns to day; day to night:
the sun gives way to the moon &
the moon to the sun.

Darkness turns to light as light
give way to Dark. The Yin and Yan
are but one, part of a whole.

Creation happens when opposites meet.
The male and the female come together as
one, making life possible..

So only in love can Duality exist
making Unity possible.

sohel mehboob



Using the Sacred Geometry Symbol, The Flower of Life as a base pattern, the artist expresses the timeless and universal concepts of Duality. From cosmic bodies to animals and humans, duality simply co-exist.


Unity & Duality are but the same sides of a coin. It is as deeply rooted in our subconscious reality as night is to day. It is as simple as saying Polarity is a part of any term expressing a value.

For example when you make a statement like ‘ the US is the largest economy’. It is fundamentally true only in a world where there are smaller economies. The US sits on one pole of the continuum called ‘scale of economies’.

One can take as many examples of how real the idea of duality is to our reality.

From a Consciousness stand point, recognition of this aspect as fundamental to existence, creates conditions for acceptance and Love.


mehboob sohel, with merkaba painting2015-002

The Unity Grail is part of  ‘The Human Unity Story’ which is a self funded project to bring attention to Human Unity, through research and writings on the conscious evolution & 2012 phenomenon.

It is work in progress and soon will be out in the form of a coffee table book with messages of Human Unity.

My interest is to ensure these messages are spread as far and as wide, hence costs for the art is kept at a minimum.

Every purchase goes towards funding the effort to uncover, document and spread messages of Human Unity linked to the conscious evolution ideas.

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