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Who says Religion is evil? Who says Religion is Divisive? As you zoom out and view religion from an eagles eye,  you will see clearly, how religion has unified, small tribes into a larger whole.

Across centuries, belief in religion has broken barriers of color, of boundary & culture. A shared reality called religion has unified billions.

If we were to see religion in its true colors and accept all idealogies; as coming from the same source; all of humanity, you, me, Christian, Hindu, Jew, Buddhist, Muslim can stand arm to arm as ONE. So who says Religion is divisive?   

mehboob sohel

Placement: Homes – as main piece, guest areas, bed room, study; Offices: lobby, personal cabin; Spas etc

Open Edition Giclee’s pre framed and signed by the artist:

  • 12X12 inches – 50 USD (available only at the artists studio)
  • 24X24 inches – 200 USD
  • 36X36 inches – 300 USD

Using the Sacred Geometry Symbol, The Flower of Life as a base pattern, the artist expresses the role of religion as a key influence on human unity.

mehboob sohel, with merkaba painting2015-001

Religion & Unity is part of  ‘The Human Unity Story’ which is a self funded project to bring attention to Human Unity, through research and writings on the conscious evolution & 2012 phenomenon.

My interest is to ensure these messages are spread as far and as wide, hence costs for the art is kept at a minimum.

Every purchase goes towards funding the effort to uncover, document and spread messages of Human Unity linked to the conscious evolution ideas.

Thank you for your interest, please fill the form below to Enquire, Purchase or Connect.

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religion and unity, consciousness art by mehboob sohel

Art needs to go hand in hand with self expression. If this art or message reflects your point of view or interests then it has a place in your environment.

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