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A Good Idea that must be done | Conscious Evolution| The Flower of Life

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A good idea whose time has come is ~ a good idea that should be done

Evolution has made us into xenophobic creatures; we instinctively divide humanity into two parts, we and they. For centuries this idea has been a source of a false sense of scarcity, pain and destruction. 4500 years ago Sergone, the Conqueror of Mesapatomia, now Iraq; saw for the first time a vision.. a vision  of all humanity as one.  Long gone but what he left behind was an idea, a dream, to integrate the entire world into a unified system. Ever since, almost all actions, revolutions and milestones in human history.. Scientific, ideological & economic, step by step, have served the purpose of unification by default. Today like never before, all hands point to a final dissolution of the great human divide, leading to the ultimate Unification of mankind.

a good idea 2The Flower of Life ~ Sacred Geometry ~ Conscious Evolution

Using the Sacred Geometry Symbol, The Flower of Life as a base pattern, the artist expresses the role of religion as a key Idea behind human unity. During the later part of the cognitive revolution (started 70,000 years ago, a period when humans could start expressing ideas, or could imagine reality the future.

For example, if you were to convince a dog of a reward in the future for good behavior unless the future is in the next instant, it most likely might not accept your argument of a reward of bone in its coming birthday.


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THUS:  The Human Unification Story, is a visual narrative on the CONSCIOUS Evolution;


an unprecedented phase in human history that we live in today.


The ‘COGNITIVE Evolution’  of the past 70,000 years, enabled us to


consolidate most micro populations into large unified collectives.

 Acrylic on Canvas  ~ The Flower of Life ~ Sacred Geometry Art | conscious evolution | 2012 phenomenon

Size 36″ X 36″

12″x12″ copy ~ Rs 6,000/-

24″x24″ copy ~ Rs 10,000/-
36″x36″ copy ~ Rs 15,000/-

ORIGINAL ~ Available on request

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