human unity story

Human Unity Story, is ART & STORIES on Conscious Evolution, an unprecedented phase in human evolution that we live in today.

Upon observation, we find that almost all human evolutionary milestones have converged at one focal point.

The ‘COGNITIVE revolution‘ of the past 70,000 years, enabled us to consolidate most micro populations into large unified collectives.

Agricultural, Religions, Scientific & Industrial Revolutions along with Ideologies like, Imperialism, Capitalism, Consumerism; have UNIFIED countless tribes into a handful of large global groups and alliances.

Also Rapid advancements in Technology, Human Sciences, Thought & Spirituality have converged today, creating an unprecedented UNIFIED platform that can in an instant communicate to a UNIFIED Humanity.

Ushering the possibility of an inner revolution; A revolution capable of transforming the collective into A new paradigm reality.

religion and unity, consciousness art by mehboob sohel



All art is available as the finest quality giclees, signed by the artist and pre framed in the following sizes:

12X12 inches
24X24 inches
36X36 inches

Click on the images you choose to visit the respective pages and order.

Every purchase goes towards funding the effort to uncover, document and spread messages of Human Unity linked to the conscious evolution ideas.


mehboob sohel, with merkaba painting2015-002


Today like never before, the means to express as a UNIFIED humanity in an abundant age is available.

In addition, the 2012 Phenomenon & the ‘Conscious Evolution’ ideas have spurred individual awareness affecting shifts in the global collective conscious.

This Time, Space & Context holds tremendous promise of an evolutionary upgrade, the next big milestone, the CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION.

The Human Unity story is a visual narrative on the ‘Conscious Evolution’ triggered by the 2012 phenomenon.

In an effort to keep status quo, Some are denied the nourishment & thrill of living in awareness of this transition.

I invite you to take a forward step to conscious evolution.

sohel mehboob

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