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mehboob sohel, visual and performing artist

on 21-12-2012 I flipped from being a profit seeking corporate Chief Executive to a brush wielding artist! 

After barely a month of  quitting my job, having never held a brush in my life & with almost no effort, I presented my first art exhibit at Armabol, Goa. In the second month, received a major Award!

Ever since, every wish seems to magically turn to Reality, in the shortest possible time & with little effort!

This Radical Transformation & subsequent occurrences which defied all that I had learnt, compelled me to explore and understand the processes involved.

Now I dedicate my life as an experiment to uncover factors that affect Radical Human Transformations.

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mehboob sohel, art, music and healing

To transform is the essence of ART. Having never learnt or practiced painting ever, Art has come to me as an unlocking of a deep hidden potential.

This overnight revelation came as a burst of inspiration caused by a dramatic incident on 21- 12-2012, the eve of the 2012 phenomenon theory.


BE.Transformed is art evolved from study of Potent Symbols known to Ancient Civilizations & the modern field of Sacred Geometry.

Drawn by hand using  Geometry, Infused with good intention and Meditation ; these work as Yantra’S, instruments of Manifestation through fine tuned Vibrations that access deep Conscious states.

Used as Tools for healing, connecting with self & Manifesting, These Symbols bring visual vibrancy & Affect individual and collective TRANSFORMATIONS.


Healing & Ascension Workshops

Performing Art – Music & Concert (coming soon)

mehboob sohel, sitar, bansuri, flute

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